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Since 2009 I have worked  as a family photographer in Hong Kong, Singapore and London.

Photography and children are closely integrated parts of my life. My own three children have to a very large extent inspired me and been the reason why I focus my photography on children. I feel it is very important to capture the moments that go by so fast when children are growing up – One moment you are holding your newborn in your arms for the fist time and before you know it they are running around.

I  photograph maternity, newborn, babies and toddlers. I have developed a special interest and passion for newborn photography as I love to capture that first moment of life and turn it into a memory that can be kept forever.

Most photo sessions take place in my comfortable natural light studio at my home in Kew. There are plenty of props and toys for babies all ages. For fast moving toddlers it is also possible to do an outdoor photo session in the Kew area (weather permitting).

A photo session is not only about the end result, but also about the process. A relaxed atmosphere is therefore very important and my sessions always allow time for feeding, cuddling and discussing with parents what ‘style’ of pictures they like in terms of colours props etc.

A photograph is an instant of life captured for eternity. A photograph of your child makes you smile and feel that special moment again and again. Pass the photograph to a grandparent and you will see the smile and recognize the feeling of love for your child on their face…

That is why I photograph children! – Theresa




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