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All babies photograph very well! As long as they are well rested and well fed, they are amazing models.  They are natural, often very smiley and – very importantly, they can’t run away and they don’t throw tantrums…  Babies are simply lovely.


The vast majority of my baby photo sessions are done at my studio in Kew (near Richmond). It is warm and full of props in all sort of colurs and sizes; you will have an extensive selection to choose from in terms of outfits, flowers, back ground colours etc.

During late spring, summer and early autumn, I also do outdoor baby sessions in the parks surrounding Richmond. For these kind of sessions, the baby must be able to sit unassisted. We can then get some really nice pictures with the baby in the nature (often sat on a little blanket for comfort).

When is the best time to do a photo session with my baby…

I photograph babies all ages, from one month old to crawlers. (See Newborn for babies under one month old and ‘Children’ for children walking to teenagers).
There is no right or wrong age to photograph a baby. Babies develop at different pace, hence I do not categorise according to age, but rather according to ability.

Young babies (can’t do tummy time yet):

We do portraits on the back and quite often family portraits as an adult is required to hold the baby on quite a lot of the poses.

Tummy time:

Great stage when the baby can do a strong tummy time pose, which means holding the head well whilst stretching the arms.


(My absolute favourite). Baby can sit unassisted… The possibilities are endless.


This is a bit harder (but not impossible) in the studio. For fast crawlers, I would recommend waiting till the baby can walk and we can get very nice pictures outdoors.

When and how you get your pictures:

About 2-4 days after your session you will get a ‘sneak peek’ on either Facebook or Theresa’s blog (completely fine if you don’t want this, just make Theresa aware of your preference during the session).

2-3 weeks after the session you will receive a link to your private online proofing gallery. The online gallery will remain active for three weeks. Once you are ready, or when your gallery expires (after three weeks), you will place your order for your chosen packages (click here to see prices).

When you have placed your order, an invoice will be sent and your order will be delivered to you upon full payment received (digitals are readily downloadable. Prints take about a week. Albums and frames take 2-3 weeks).

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