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Theresa Olesen is a family photographer based in Kew, South West London. Her photo sessions include: maternity, newborn, babies and children of all ages as well as family photography and adult head-shots.

Theresa specialises in twin and multiple photography – she has extensive experience photographing twins at all ages, from newborn to older children.

The photo sessions either take place in Theresa’s photo studio in Kew (TW9), or outdoor in the beautiful green areas surrounding Richmond.

Studio Photo Sessions:

Studio sessions take place at Theresa’s professional studio in Kew.

The studio is great for a variety of different sessions such as: Maternity, Newborn, Babies, Family Sessions, Child Fine Art (children aged 5+) and Adult Head-shots.

To minimize what you need to bring for your session, Theresa has an extensive selection of maternity dresses as well as props and outfits for babies. And if you are coming with your daughter for a fine art session you will be spoilt for choice with Theresa’s large selection of fine girls’ dresses in various colours and sizes.

Pre-session Consultation: 

During your pre-session consultation, Theresa will chat to you about your favourite colours and preferences. This means that the setups and usage of props is tailored exactly to your taste.

The session: 

 Although a studio session entails some posing and guiding, it is very relaxed. For younger children there is always time for a snack, a bottle and a cuddle – the most important thing is that parents as well as children feel comfortable.

The Pictures: 

 Your gallery from a studio session will be a varied gallery of portraits of the child(ren)alone as well as family pictures. Theresa puts a lot of value into getting a varied gallery with a mix of styled portraits as well as interaction shots between child and parents / siblings.

Outdoor photo sessions:

Outdoor photo sessions can be done all year around, however, the recommended season is spring (March-June) and autumn (August-November), as the weather is nice and the colours in the nature are beautiful.

Outdoor sessions are great for families with children above the age of one. It is perfect for little fast runners to explore the nature whilst Theresa capture moments of interaction, exploration and some natural portraits.

Maternity sessions can also be done outside.

Please click to view particular information for each of my sessions.

The session:

The session lasts 1-2 hours and is held in the morning or late afternoon, as we want to take advantage of the beautiful soft light.

An outdoor photo session is fun and relaxed. The entire focus of the session is to let the children be children and capture those beautiful moments of the child’s genuine happiness, their inquisitive nature and desire to explore and run around.

During the session the children play, balance on logs, and run in the grass… Whilst they are doing what kids do best, Theresa will gently encourage them to look at something or run a certain direction to get the best pictures.

The Pictures:

The gallery you get from an outdoor session contains a variety of pictures of the child playing, running or interacting with a sibling or the parents.  It will also contain portrait style pictures of the child(ren)and the family together

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